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Ivory Coast:  Addressing municipalities, what is the solution?

[Photo,crédit: fortuné KOUASSI]

[Photo,crédit: fortuné KOUASSI]

Thursday 08 December 2016

Ivory Coast:  Addressing municipalities, what is the solution?

First step, we will talk about styles of street addressing. Second step, we will say something about street addressing attempts. Third step, we will talk about the lack of awareness campaign.

Step 1 - Addressing, what existed before

For the little I remember, Ivory Coast's addressing system was not available. Each neighborhood of the capital and even the entire country had its own addressing code to find a particular street. For example, to find their way, people had landmarks, such as a tree or a building under construction or not, to show the way to someone.

Step 2: Attempts to address the street

Of course, some people tried to improve addressing the district with no success, at least the project was completed. Now, with the advancement of new information and communication technologies, we are talking more and more about geolocation. Techniques for geographically locating the position of a person or object.

Step 3- Lack of awareness campaign

Awareness campaigns on id addressing should enable the population to master a univesal code promoting the perfect knowledge of the streets of the capital city including the realities of the moment.

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